How to Grow Your Twitter Audience

This is a summary and a review of the course Everyone Can Build a Twitter Audience by Daniel Vassallo.

Everyone can build a twitter audience

Course Background

“Everyone Can Build a Twitter Audience” is a 100 minute course about Daniel’s journey from not posting on Twitter to getting 24K followers in 14 months.

Target Audience

The course is for anyone who grasps the significance having an audience could have on one’s career. Twitter is one of the best places to meet intellectually curious people. Many find their job thorough Twitter, they form friendships and find their customers on Twitter. In fact, it’s accepted that if you want to build a product, you need to build an audience first.

Key Takeaways

  • You build credibility by doing interesting things in life and sharing it online. He built his credibility by writing a blog post called Only Intrinsic Motivation Lasts which went semi-viral.
  • Promote that credibility on platforms where your target audience are eg: Reddit, Hackernews, Quora etc
  • He believes having to be known for “one thing” is a myth. Once you build credibility in one domain, it’s easier to build credibility in other domains.
  • Measure your success by engagement not the number of followers.
  • If you spent time making a decision that others could benefit from, tweet about it.
  • Do a lot more “giving” tweets than “asking” tweets.
  • When you tweet, people either need to get a value out of it, or get to know you.
  • Turn on twitter notifications for people you really like and reply to their tweets. You can also use Tweetdeck.
  • Reply to DMs and emails.
  • Look for opportunities to build more credibility.

My Experience with the Course

I really enjoyed the course because Daniel is genuine, level-headed, and not salesy. He’s telling a story rather than selling “hacks”. So I would recommend his course.

Since taking the course, I pay a lot more attention to what accounts with high follower rate but low engagement are doing wrong vs those with consistently high engagement rates. I’ve started using Tweetdeck to engage more with the accounts I like. I’m also practicing “learning in public” more.

However, I’m still looking for the life event that lends itself well to building credibility off of. I’m having decision paralysis as to which “story” to choose. I find this to be the hardest task and the one that makes all the difference. So something I would love to see off the back of this is a more actionable deep-dive into building credibility.

Nevertheless, I’m constantly thinking about this so I will be sharing my progress over time.

Update: a couple of months after posting this, I received an affiliate link from Daniel which I have updated above, my recommendation is not informed by this.

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