2019's Best Podcast Episodes For the Curiously Minded

In no particular order I present my favourite podcast episodes of 2019. These conversations made me think, learn and appreciate life.


How to Get Rich: Every Episode - Naval

The podcast that broke the internet 😉. Based on Naval’s tweetstorm on creating wealth and living life on your own terms.

Naval Ravikant - Joe Rogan

“Every man has two lives, and the second starts when he realises he has just one.”

Mason Hartman: Building a Creative Society - The North Star Podcast

A thought-provoking conversation about education and more.

Zach Bush, MD Wants You to Let Go of Your Story - Rich Roll Podcast

“There is a profound loneliness happening down at the cellular level to achieve a cancer cell.”

Zion 2.0

Tiago Forte, Designing Your Reality - Zion 2.0

“How do I live a life of creative, intellectual and spiritual explorations, without sacrificing security, peace of mind or material success.”

Dr. Keesha Ewers, Healing Yourself in 2019 - Zion 2.0

“Autoimmune disease is undigested anger.”

Tiago Forte on Intuition, Breathwork & What it Feels like to Have a Second Brain - Curious Humans Podcast

On healing from trauma and living a creative lifestyle.

Kapil Gupta - Is It Possible To Stop Wasting One’s Life - Crazy Wisdom

A raw conversation with an alternative philosopher who makes one question everything.

What is the future of Work? Stacey Ferreira: CEO of Forge - Crazy Wisdom

On connective tissue and the relationship between its health and the health of the body.

The Tim Ferriss Show

Paul Stamets - The Tim Ferriss Show

“The first multicellular organism appeared on the planet 2.4B years ago, in South African lava. These were mycelium networks, we are descendended from these networks.”

Safi Bahcall — On Hypnosis, Conquering Insomnia, Incentives, and More - The Tim Ferriss Show

“Find someone who you like having dinner with, because you’re gonna have a lot of dinners together and if that’s not appealing to you, it’s gonna be a tough marriage.”

Q&A With Tim — On Wealth, Legacy, Grief, Lyme Disease, Gratitude, Longevity, and More - The Tim Ferriss Show

“The questions you ask yourself create a lens through which you view the world.”

Tea Time with Tim - The Tim Ferriss Show

Tim on firguring out what to do with your life: “Given the rate of technological change and emergence of new industries, most will have multiple careers in a lifetime. You want to develop skills and relationships that transcend any one narrow area of speciality. Experimentation is key.”

Kari Nadeau | Defeating Food Allergies - After On Podcast

On the mysterious epidemic of food allergies.

Sahil Lavingia, Solo Journey - Below The Line

About the founding of Gumroad, and on moving from one bubble in SF to another in Utah.