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My name is Anita and Iโ€™m currently a feral free agent.

At the end of 2021 I left my software engineering role after getting burnt out. Although I have done almost a decade of inner work, the burnout was a huge catalyst to help me heal. I had the freedom to really dive deep into some of the work I had started in previous years. It was a year of profound self-discovery and breakthrough.

Somatic sessions

During this time I started to hold 1:1 space by facilitating IFS and breathwork sessions. It was also the year that I finally learned to love myself fully after 3 years of exploration. I now hold 1:1 self-love sessions under a modality Iโ€™m calling โ€œSomatic well-being practiceโ€. You can find out more about these sessions here.

This year, I also co-created Somalist a directory of somatic practitioners such as therapists, bodyworkers and breathwork practitioners.

If anything you read on this blog resonates, please reach out to me on twitter @neats29, Iโ€™d love to hear from you.

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